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I was brought up in an area called Morden, Surrey. There were few facilities and even fewer opportunities, however my upbringing was good with a strong family behind me and good set of values that kept me out of trouble, most of the time!


I have a strong competitive nature which was evident in my primary school days which continued onto secondary at Glenthorne High School. Sport came first, especially football then cross country running. I wanted to do as well as i could do academically, which I am happy I stuck with and came out of school with some decent GCSE's.


But being competitive brought its own problems and I found I needed to prove myself all the time, and so, I unwittingly started getting involved in fighting after school on street corners. Eventually realising that this was going to get me nowhere, I decided to “put my money where my mouth is” and after talking to my Dad I decided to go and join the nearest boxing gym which was Rosehill ABC.


Although I still maintained my interest in football and cross country boxing took its hold, firstly in the amateur rankings, where I started at 38kg in 2002 going onto 60kg. I was competing against the best in the country from the age of 17.


My amateur record consists of 83 fights, winning 54 of the 83. I lost a lot early on in my career.



The Story So Far...

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Then I decided to push myself a little bit harder, and made the decision to turn professional in 2011. My style of boxing and training was more suited to the professional game. I thrive on a challenge, and as much as I sometimes think “what am I doing!”, I know the decisions I make to push myself makes me work harder.


My “Pro” career has gone really well so far of my 11 fights, I have had 11 wins, with 4 knockouts winning the International Masters Bronze Title and Southern Area Light Welterweight Title.


For the Future, I want to prove myself to be a worthy contender for the British Championship and to go as far as I can in my professional boxing career, however it is very important to me that I “earn” my way, and certainly learn from my mistakes, taking nothing for granted. You only achieve what you truly believe.


Thank you to everyone for all their support!